RawTherapee ute till Windows 64-bit nu


Du finner här den senaste versionen av RawTherapee för Win64-maskiner. Detta är en inofficiell version. Har du ett annat operativsystem finner du övriga versioner av RawTherapee här.

De största uppdateringarna:

  • LAB tool now has a new mode and curve to avoid color shifts, skin protection etc.
  • Vibrance tool treshold improved
  • Raw White point now working with LUT based DCPs, non-bayer and compressed formats, range extended
  • LCP CA correction now usable on more RAW types (espc. DNG 7.1+), Tokina LCPs support added, tone curve support
  • Histogram display now detects spikes
  • JPG subsampling support added
  • Frequent crashes using EPD tone mapping solved (very often reported in forum).
  • New camera color profiles: Leaf Aptus 75, Nikon D800, Olympus E-510/520
  • Latest DCRAW for new camera support
  • Many fixes and speedups

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