Electroneum – How to use the Command line wallet (Windows)

Do you want to check how many Electronium coins your offline wallet contain but don´t know how to check it? Then you are not alone. Follow the tutorial and you will find out. If you want to mine electroneum, then check out xmr-stak 2.

1. Generate your offline wallet. You will now need to move the mouse cursor up and down, left to right.

2. Save the offline wallet pdf to your computer somewhere. Put a copy on an USB that you keep safe. If you loose the keys you loose your wallet.

3. Copy and paste your three keys into a text document. It should be like the image below.

4. Download and extract the latest zip file here.

5. Run electroneumd.exe to sync the blockchain. It may take a while.

6.  In the folder, simply hold down the Shift key and right-click. The context menu will contain an entry, ”Open command window here

7. Copy paste

electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --generate-from-keys MyWallet.etn

and hit enter. Make sure you have two minus in front of the word generate. Some browsers will merge the two letters into one.

8. It will ask for Standard key. Copy paste your public key.

9. Do the same with the private spend key and private view key. After that, create a password. If you after you hit enter get something about Restore from specific blockchain height, just hit enter.

9. Congratulation! You are finished. In this wallet I have 0 ETN.

10. If you write help and hit enter you will find a lot of useful commands .

  • balance will show you the coins
  • refresh will sync your wallet
  • seed will show you memonic seed. A way to restore a wallet if you don´t want to use the three keys in the beginning of this tutorial. Copy the words and save somewhere safe.
  • transfer let you send the coins to another one.

At Getmonero you will find how to use the commands.